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    scheme for redemption of SSNNL Bonds are under process w.e.f.10/01/2009 i.e. at the end of 15 years with redemption amount of Rs.50000/- per bond certificate, instead of 20 years. Bond holders are adviced to send their original Bond certificate /s of face value of Rs.3600/- OR Letter of Allotment duly discharged by all bond holders on the back side of the certificate along with copy of pan card and bank details of 1st bond holder and Form No.15 G in duplicate copy as amended (new) from 01/04/2013 for redemption. Further please note that if the bond holder fail to submit copy of pan card, 20 % tax will be deducted . On submission of copy of pan card no. and Form No.15 G, tax will not be deducted subject to the holding up to 3 DDB Bonds under one folio. If any Bond Holder holding more then 3 bonds under one folio, Form No.15 G will not be applicable and 10 % tax will be deducted, subject to submission of copy of pan card no.. Redemption amount is Rs.50000/- per bond certificate, subject to deduction of tax. After receipt of documents for redemption, warrant will be sent in physical form at the address updated with the company within one month. Please send all documents at MCS Limited, 101, Shatdal Complex, Opp. Bata Show Room, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad 380 009. Please note that copy of pan card no.of 1st bond holder is compulsory
  • Gail (India) Ltd has informed
    BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on February 14, 2013, inter alia, has approved payment of interim dividend for the FY 2012-13 @ 40% (Rs. 4/- per equity share) on the paid-up equity share capital of the Company. The said interim dividend shall be paid within stipulated time period of 30 days i.e. latest by March 14, 2013.



MCS is one of the oldest and most respected Registrars to Issue and Share Transfer Agent in India with business history spanning over 25 years in the field. As the leading Indian owned Registrar we are in a unique position within India of having direct connectivity to the two Depositories, NSDL and CDSL from three different locations.

Operating from multiple locations throughout India gives MCS the ability to handle and deliver any specialized service including handling of Public Issues of all sizes with utmost ease. MCS Clients includes some of India’s largest and most respected Public and Private Sector Companies.

With over 300 Corporate and Public Sector clients and over 8 million individual shareholders, whatever be your requirement MCS has the solution for you, being one of the largest ‘Secure’ Data Processing Company. We at MCS provide outstanding service delivery with a proven professional management team, strong corporate governance and well established infrastructure ...